Birthday Weekend Wrap-Up

Andrew surprised me with a trip to Cedar Point for my birthday this year! I DIED. I've loved amusement parks ever since I can remember. My whole family would load into my father's work van in the early hours of the morning and drive out to Wild World or King's Dominion regularly, each summer. I remember bringing coolers packed with food and actually grilling when everyone got hungry. Countless birthday candles were blown out in the picnic areas; it became a family tradition. I was thrilled to relive a bit of that with our trip to Ohio. We didn't bring any proper cameras with us because, uh, roller coasters (!), so photos from Andrew's instagram will have to do.

During the ride up, we enjoyed our share of rotten rest stop food. I'd never even heard of Hardee's or Red Burrito before. Never again.

We stayed at Hotel Breakers. Our room was ultra accommodating and fabulous with a poolside/beachfront (lakefront) view and awesome state of the art TV. What a place!

There were adorable fur babies in the petting zoo. I got to see my very first Silkies in person! I'm still totally obsessed but, I digress...

The park was much larger than I anticipated, and surprisingly, we rode all 13 of the roller coasters. They were AHHH-mazing (see what I did there?)! I lost count of how many times we rode Millennium Force (left), it was so fun. Top Thrill Dragster was too intense for multiple rides, I mean, a ride that only lasts 17 seconds, lasts only 17 seconds for a reason...

After a trip in the Sky Ride we even managed to get a couple of cocktails in, and saved the ferris wheel for last so all of the rides would be lit up. The water park was a lot of fun, too, but we were too busy in the wave pool and lazy river to be bothered with photos! We had a blast and I can't wait to go back. Amusement parks still totally hold all of the magic from my childhood memories, I'm just sad I didn't have my loud-mouth family with me while waiting in the lines!


  1. Oi, muito bom passeio em familia, tudo de bom amo muito tudo isso.

    passe lá no cantinho sorteio rolando por lá

    1. I definitely don't speak/read Portuguese buuuut google translate/clicking through to your blog makes me think you want me to enter your giveaway. I'll save it for the babes on your side of the world, plus shipping would probably be a lot!

  2. Happy birthday bb! This all looks/sounds super fun! xx


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