Fatshion February: Week Four

How sad! The very last post for Fatshion February, in March no less...

Click-through to view outfit details and larger photos on Andrew's flickr!

February 29th sucked SO much. I ended up going to an urgent medical care facility because I thought I had a herniated disc. Turns out Dr.Google was incorrect and it was just some intense muscle spasms, thankfully! The pain was definitely very real though. I had to stay home from being doped up on the painkillers I was prescribed and I slept for, like, 12 straight hours. It was GLORIOUS. Needless to say, I was in no shape for an outfit photo. Till next year!


  1. You're the cutest. Also, you and Cara (ilikeprettyclothes on tumblr) were the most dedicated to Fatshion February. Y'all need an award... or something.

  2. I didn't participate last year so I committed myself this year. Who knows if I'll do it next year, none of my followers seemed too into it! Definitely not a fatshion blogger...

  3. Lol at dr. Google! I do the same thing. Well ouchie to that. Hope you recuperate quickly.


  4. Hello!
    I'am Alice from Korea (U know 'Kangnam style'?)
    I am so impressed your fashion style.
    (U r so pretty!!)
    Actualy, There are many curvy girl in Korea.
    If you don't mind, I would like to introduce you, your fashion photos to Korea fashionable girls.
    Can I..? ^^

  5. SO CUTE! I just posted on my blog about plus size fashion sites and shops for women. I would love some feedback to see if I have missed any! I want to provide a list of stores that will give women the resources to make women of all sizes to feel great about themselves. Check it out! http://agirlsguiltypleasures.blogspot.com/2012/10/plus-size-fashion-like-forever-21.html


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