Makeup Adventure

Alright. As silly as this subject matter may be, I'm still excited because I found MAC's In the Groove limited edition lipstick, Go For It! True love, people.

It is the most beautiful shade of pale purple with blue undertones, rather than the usual pink or red! I died when I found this color online, then I read further and saw it was sold out! I proceeded to call every single MAC location in IL, department and stand alone stores -- no one had it. After scouring the internetz, I found some jerk who was selling it for $22.99 plus $10 shipping & handling on eBay! A lipstick which originally costs $14! It was then brought to my attention that a MAC Pro Store nearby might have it, and low and behold, THEY HAD THREE! I'm tempted to go back and buy the other two, that's how much I adore this lipstick.

Do I look like I have hypothermia? I don't care!

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