2013 Hippopotamuslee Highlights

I've never written a year-end highlights post but I figured maybe a little reflection was in order while enjoying breakfast for dinner. After all, I did post more this year than any other. My topics may seem to jump around quite a bit, but they always fall into one of six categories. Here are my favorite posts in each:


NOTW: Uneven Lengths + Simple How-To

Glitter Gradient Nail Art Tutorial

DIY & Crafts

WIP: Round One

Crochet Quilt Hexagons


Beyoncé, Beyoncé, Beyoncé!

Fatshion OOTD

Food: Savory

Comida Venezolana

Venezuelan Arepas Aprea de Dominó con Aguacate

Food: Sweet

Homemade Confectionery

Homemade Confectionery Chocolate Truffles

Get the Look

A Romantic Look with LORAC's GLOgetter Palette

Makeup Tutorial for a romantic look LORAC GLOgetter



Propagating leaf cuttings succulents

Aside from last week's Beyoncé inspired Get the Look post (super close runner-up to my fave!), I took a monthlong vacation from blogging. I can't say that was at all planned but it looks like it's becoming a yearly tradition for me. Something about the holidays rushing in makes me stall a bit and before I know it it's New Year's Eve! Next year I'll do better, I promise. Happy New Year!


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    1. It will! Let's make all the food and take all the pictures! <3


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