Oh, Vanity! Revamping My Makeup Storage

Well, would you look at that. I've finally come back to my ~DIY~ roots! By now you should know that I'm an obsessive planner and sometimes—actually, most times—I get ahead of myself and end up burned out before I've even gotten started. Another problem is, of course, wanting to do it allll.

Sanded Wooden Drawer with Drill

So, in the five whole minutes that we experienced fall in Chicago, I decided to give the desk I use as my vanity a little bit of a facelift. It was time; my mom bought it for my dorm almost a decade ago! Andrew and I disassembled and lugged it all the way out to the suburbs, then went in on it with spray paint in my in-laws' garage. After lots of legwork (armwork?) sanding and priming first.

Because my makeup collection had begun to overflow from my vanity, it was clearly the perfect time to embark on a project I first mentioned, oh, THREE YEARS AGO. The IKEA Fira mini chests I purchased way back when were intended for a different purpose, and though most were filled with craft supplies, two were completely empty and waiting to be used. It was destined to be!


It's safe to say I completely underestimated how long this entire process would take. I was convinced we'd get the entire vanity painted and reassembled, plus the two chests put together and painted and back in the city in one Sunday. Ha! Keep a look out for part two of this post soon. In the meantime, isn't it awesome what a little spray paint can do? I absolutely love it!


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    1. I love this and that this is also a compliment to yourself.


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