The August Break 2013 & Breakfast

While scrolling through my Instagram feed this morning, someone I follow posted one of those daily photo prompts you can always find floating around online. This one in particular, from Susannah Conway, caught my attention.

The prompt appealed to me instantly because of the perfect combination of a twee color scheme and word "break," so I visited Susannah's blog and her spiel had me hooked in under a minute. Though I'll be participating this year, I won't actually be taking a break from blogging since my normal schedule consists of merely one post per week. Instead, this will be more of a fun supplement that will hopefully inspire some creativity in me.

01. B R E A K F A S T: Tiny propagating succulents getting their daily spritz.

I'll be posting photos daily on Instagram so feel free to follow me if you don't, and I'll post here whenever I don't have something scheduled. Let me know if you decide to participate, I'd love to check out your photos!


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