Spring Face with Wet n Wild's Going in the Wild

You would think after lusting over Wet n Wild's Nude Awakening palette, that I'd be posting about that bad boy first. The truth is I haven't even cracked it open yet! I know! Instead, I reached for my Going in the Wild palette for a soft springy look.

I've read a number of negative reviews about this palette and I truthfully don't get it. I LOVE IT! I can only imagine how much more umph the colors will have with a higher-end primer and/or base – just look at that color with elf's $1 primer!

Products Used:
e.l.f. Eyelid Primer
Wet n Wild Color Icon Palette in Going in the Wild (available online here & here!)
Wet n Wild Color Icon Single in Penny
Wet n Wild Idol Eyes Crème Shadow in Pixie
Almay Liquid Line Eyeliner
Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Cat Eyes
Maybelline Lash Discovery Mascara
NYX Wonder Penicl in Light
e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit in Medium

I have vouched for Almay for Y-E-A-R-S as it's the only liquid liner I use. In fact, I've used it since freshman year of high school! Sadly, I think they may have changed the formula because the black just isn't very black anymore... I'm hoping it's just a fluke and it's time for a new bottle. Luckily there's no need for me to run to the drugstore because I have this many left:

Who am I kidding? Like I need a reason to go to the drugstore. I hope you enjoy this look! Let me know if you're interested in these kinds of posts, I'll gladly keep 'em up!

Step 1: Apply mint green on inner 2/3 of eyelid with an eyeshadow brush.
Step 2: Apply dark plum to outer 1/3 of eyelid and crease with a crease brush.
Step 3: Apply peachy-mauve to outer crease and blend with a blending brush.
Step 4: Apply champagne as highlight to browbone and tear duct with finger.
Step 5: Bring champagne down to inner 1/2 of lower lash line with a pencil brush.
Step 6: Apply dark plum to outer 1/2 of lower lash line.
Step 7: Line waterline with nude waterproof eyeliner.
Step 8: Give yourself wings!


  1. Omg I keep just scrolling back up to stare at your gorgeous face because it looks SO GOOD! Dang.

    I've been looking for a new drug store liquid liner to try--will def be getting the Almay one! :)

    1. OMG, stahp! Haha, thank you <3 I'm scared to recommend Almay but maybe give it a try if you're able to find it cheap. I stocked up during a BOGO sale but I may be done with Almay after I use these up. So sad... If you buy from CVS/Walgreens/Rite Aid/Ulta you can also return it if it doesn't work out!

  2. Love the makeup posts (and the variety of your topics). As a beauty-products challeged girl, a few tutorial type posts would be awesome, too!

    I'm not sure what's different, but you're looking especially lovely lately.

    1. You are so sweet, thank you! I've definitely renewed my love (obsession) with makeup lately, and I'm glad people are into it! I've been thinking about doing pictorials or possibly videos since I started a YouTube channel but I'm no pro. Maybe I'll give it a shot.

    2. Love the diagram you did for the post more recently. Now I just need to master the eyeliner thing. I grabbed the ELF eye make up remover pen the other day. Thanks for the introduction to that brand, I'd never noticed it before. So cheap!

    3. I actually meant to update this sooner with a diagram, thanks for reminding me!

      ELF is one of my favorite brands all-around. They're so inexpensive and most of their products are amazing! I've actually had a huge ELF haul post in draft for some time now because I don't want to bore you guys with so much makeup.

  3. omg, after you posted about the wet n wild spring palettes, i decided that i needed them too, but i haven't used them at all since i got them! i think after seeing this post, i'll have to try recreating this look. it's so pretty!

    that almay liquid liner was the only liquid eyeliner i would use up until a few years ago when my mom brought me a brushed tipped eyeliner pen from japan. since then i've pretty much devoted myself to brush-tipped eyeliner pens--they are so easy to apply and it's just like drawing on your face! i tried to go back to the almay one, but i also think that the formula has changed and is not as good as it used to be :(

    1. I'm the same way, I go on the hunt and then hoard things for a while before using them - that sounds awful but it's so true. If you try the look, you better show me pictures!

      Do you have any recommendations for good brush tip liquid eyeliner pens? I've never tried one! Recently I started using Wet n Wild's gel liner, which I'm into, but it's hard to wash off at night and I try to be as delicate as possible with my poor face. It's such a bummer when company's change things that didn't need fixin'.

    2. Yes, I do!

      The one I've been using and really like is the Physician's Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum. I've repurchased this at least twice. I can't really speak to the lash boosting qualities of this product, but I can tell you that this is long-lasting and also comes off easily with remover. If I'm doing just a normal day look w/o tons of eyeliner, it comes off easily with just my everyday makeup removing face wash. If I’m doing a heavier eye-look, a make-up wipe is sufficient. The black is nice and black (I get Ultra Black), and it's also not overly shiny, which can sometimes bother me. However, I also don't think that it's as matte as the Almay one, which is one of the reasons I loved the Almay one so much. Here is a link to it, for your reference: http://www.physiciansformula.com/en-us/productdetail/eyes/pencils-liners/07365.html

      If you have access to a Rite Aid, Jesse's Girl has recently come out with their version of a brush-tipped pen liner. It's cheaper than the PF one, and as far as I can tell, they are almost identical products (even the tubes they came in are the same-just the little shaker thing in them are different). I got it a couple of weeks ago since my PF one ran out, and haven't really worn it too much since then, but I do think that it performs very, very similarly to the PF one. I even tried wearing the PF one on one eye and the JG one on the other, and I couldn't tell the difference. I guess we'll see after I wear it more often. Here is a link for reference: http://www.jessesgirlcosmetics.com/products/view/454

      I know that there are other higher-end make up brands that have brush-tipped liner pens, but I'm a drugstore make up kind of girl, so these are the only ones I've been able to find and that I like. If you do end up trying either of them or anything else, please let me know! I hope this helps, even if just a little!

    3. Whoa Emie, thanks so much for all of the great info! Sadly we don't have Rite Aid in Chicago but I've heard a lot of great stuff about Jesse's Girl. Shipping from their site is six bucks (!) so I may just give PF a try first. That stuff is always on sale at CVS and Walgreens. I'll report back or, knowing me, make a blog post about it! Ha!

  4. You look gorgeous!

  5. Ooh I need that palette. Those colors are so pretty on you! Eyebrow envyyyyy :D

    How long does that Almay liner generally stay put?

    1. I totally recommend the palette! I love it and for $5, how could you not?

      My eyes tend to water easily, so my wing would smudge by the end of a normal work day (8 hours) which is pretty great by my standards. Now with Almay's new formula, it will flake a bit after a few hours... Such a bummer! I'm testing out a Physician's Formula liner now and so far so good. I'll be sure to blog about it once I reach my verdict!

  6. WnW is such an awesome line, isn't it?! I love their stuff...you get a whole lotta bang for your buck. And of course, you look beautiful...this palette really compliments your eyes.

    I couldn't help but be nosy & read that you do not have a Rite Aid in Chicago. If there's ever anything that you'd like to try, please let me know! I'd gladly send you a "care" package. I live right around the corner from one ;)

    1. You are so nice to me! I'll keep your offer in mind if I spy anything I can't get my hands on here. You may live to regret it! :)

      I remember trying out a few shadows when I was younger in middle/high school just for fun. I never liked it but it was so cheap I didn't mind the quality so much. It's amazing how far they've come in recent years! Their eyeshadows are so pigmented, the lipsticks are awesome, and the nail polish! Ah! I own so many bottles of WnW polish. Love Markwins!


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