The Great Hunt of 2013

The moment I saw this on wnwbeauty.com the hunt was on. It was like something in me snapped even though I already own way too much eyeshadow to begin with.

Wet n Wild promotional display for Spring 2013 Limited Edition eyeshadow palettes in nudes and pastels

All of a sudden the need for these consumed me and I called THIRTY-FIVE STORES. Who has time for that, you ask? Me, apparently... So did I hit the jackpot and find these $4.99 limited edition eyeshadow palettes? Nope. No CVS, Walgreens or Meijer in the Chicagoland area has them in stock. I even called places in Rolling Meadows! Bloomingdale! Algonquin! No luck. In the end I texted my mom and asked her to keep a look out in MD just in case.

There are even people on eBay selling them for over $30 each! I'm sure this is a very lucrative business model but I think they're jerks for buying up inventory when I can't find a single one! Did you picture me flailing like a baby as you read that last bit? Because that would be 1000% accurate.

I did manage to find some other Markwins goodies though, so I'm not too displeased. I picked up a Black Radiance blister pack with Downtown Browns plus a mascara and a Wet n Wild box set with Lust, Vanity and brown liquid liner.

BR palettes alone are $6.99 at Walgreens but this was magically $4.99!

Dollar General had a 60% off sale on all box sets so I got that bad boy for $1.60!

I know, I know... It's just makeup and I'll live without the Nude Awakening palette. But still!! Luckily, after I instagram'd this yesterday Carletta said she's seen Going in the Wild at her local CVS and she'll mail me one! Fingers crossed I'll find Nude Awakening someday. Does anyone else get this obsessive with makeup like me? No? Wait a minute, it isn't just me.

So, yes, I have purchased seven BR/WnW eyeshadow palettes this month alone and I am still complaining. Wet n Wild should just make me a beauty ambassador already. Imagine if that's all it took?

MASSIVE ETA: I FOUND THEM! I FOUND THEM! I found them at the third CVS I called, no less. Hah! The person I spoke to on the phone probably just put me on hold and didn't actually look at all. Thank goodness for random trips to the drugstore.

I felt so lucky I even bought a scratch-off bingo!


  1. i <3 wnw too!!!! i've seen a bunch of the nude awakenings pallets here in seattle, last week. if i run into them again, i will grab one for you! i've never heard of black radiance before--is it like wnw?

    1. OMG! Emie!!! If you find one I will love you till the end of time ;_; BR and WnW are both made by Markwins but BR is harder to find depending on your area. I don't know why they play with our emotions like this.

  2. Have just encountered your page and I guess you should be complimented for this piece. More power to you!


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