Beauty: Past, Present & Future

While I've been crocheting up a storm little else has gone on creatively, not even with my nails. In fact, they've been bare quite a lot recently and I feel like I'm losing my touch! I even have my little table set up with polishes and tools but I haven't had any great ideas for what to do with them. I thought I'd give myself a little push (slap in the face) and post a few manicures I've done but skipped on posting here.

Muscles as a prop didn't work out so well...

Lumps of coal did however work wonderfully. As did my craft rhinestones!

These tiny bows took ages but they were SO worth it (click through to enlarge).

One of my favorites and done using cheap-o dollar store polish, too!

Truth be told, I've been enveloped by beauty bloggers blogging about beauty. Like, I've actually subscribed to YouTube channels! It's as if I've been sucked into a vortex of swatches, tutorials, and reviews with no escape. I can't help it!! Here are a few of the fabulous people I can't seem to get enough of and their opinions on what's worth putting on their/your/my face: Destiny Godley, itsjudytime, Makeup By Leina, Start2FinishMUA, and Wayne Goss. Thanks to them Andrew was forced to spend a wild Friday night at Ulta with me last week:

Do you have any go-to beauty people you recommend? I think I can dig up another 600 hours to dedicate to the right channel... On second thought, maybe I should quit while I'm ahead. I mean, this is what my makeup collection looked like a few years ago and it has only grown since:



  1. Oh my goodness....seriously everytime I check in here my crush on you grows! Lol! I adore your nail art; can you do more tutorials....whenever you can? Also I am right alongside you with the youtube topic....its kind of a problem for me. I can spend all day watching beauty videos & cupcake decorating tutorials!

    1. Of course! Let me know which ones you want tutorials for. I suppose I should be asking at the end of each post. I don't get too much feedback usually, so I never know what people are really into but I love doing tutorials! YouTube is like a black hole, it's too easy to lose track of time...

  2. Id love to see nail art tutorials that you'd think anyone could follow...I still remember when you posted your nails that had the cute cheeseburger & cat among other images. Id like to work my skills up to something like that ;-) thank you for replying! Have a lovely weekend!

    1. You're so sweet! Keep a look out for a simple nail tutorial soon! :)


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