Quilt Making? Me?

Snow has been falling, my nose won't stop leaking, and my intense seasonal desire to crochet has come back in full force. So much that I've decided to make a quilt! It's ok to laugh, we all know my track record! I'm not even sure what the difference between quilts, throws, blankets and afghans is, but I'm crocheting a big warm thing and I'm excited. My hands were aching to stitch mindlessly while watching movies, so I figured why not? Plus I hate going out in this cold/snow...

I'll be using Red Heart's Crochet Hexagon Throw Crochet Pattern (a bit wordy there, huh Read Heart?) plus a little help from Jacquie over at Bunny Mummy. She has a super great, easy-to-follow tutorial with a variety of beautiful bright colors, but I'm sticking to a smaller, muted color palette to match our living room:
You know me and my need for visuals. I spent a good 2 hours figuring out 120 color combinations using the 5 colors up there (orange will be my border—maybe), making sure there were no repeats. I'm sure ~pro~ quiltmakers have a better solution than mine but whatever.

The original pattern is an 11x9 hexagon grid, but mine will be 11x11, which means there are 121 hexagons! I'll have to figure out what to do with my center point when the time comes, but for now an orange placeholder will do. My (low pressure) plan is to crochet one hexagon a day which'll have the quilt done just in time for freezing June weather! Ha! Here's hoping I can get it done faster.

Originally, I thought about using this color palette but the orange and brown made it feel so... I don't know, retro? Not that retro is a bad thing.

I have all of the colors except brown in my stash already, but I'm not totally sold on either color scheme… Any opinions?

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