This Time, Last Year...

Andrew's parents were kind, generous, awesome, (insert every word imaginable to signify their unbelievable graciousness) enough to send us to Las Vegas last year as a wedding/Christmas gift. I really and truly meant to write about it RIGHT AFTER it happened but time got away from me (go figure) and here we are a year later!

We stayed at the The Mirage. The room was adorable and vibrant, and the bed was an absolute dream. I mean it was the softest, most comfortable thing I have ever laid on and I never wanted to climb out of it in the mornings! Not even with our beautiful view. I assume most people prefer a room facing the strip but I was totally glad to have this instead:

We did so much in the short time we were there and almost all of it was on a whim with one exception Andrew planned ahead of time...

A trip to The Gun Store where we prepared for the inevitable possibility of a zombie apocalypse! I did surprisingly well—something I'd never even considered. Who knew? Of course we also did our small, but fair, share of gambling. I loved Kitty Glitter (for obvious reasons) and made Andrew wait each time we came across a machine. We even saved some of winning vouchers worth a whopping 2¢.

It was so much fun both on and off the strip. The food was amazing, the people were super duper nice (because they wanted all of our money), and we were really sad to leave. I can't wait to go back someday! Have you ever been?


  1. Never been, but now, this is on my hit list, lol. Glad your posting often ;)

    1. It's totally worth visiting, even if you only go once in your life! And thanks for noticing. :)


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