NOTW: Golden Tones

Last week I ordered nail striping tape online after searching locally to no avail. It was time. Hopefully eBay will pull through and it won't take forever to arrive! In the meantime, I had to trust my hands, hold my breath for steadiness, and ask Andrew to help draw the line on my right thumb. Luckily for Andrew (me), I had new nail art pens to help.

Meteor Shower is becoming one of my favorite glitter polishes. I love the gold flake look without the price tag of actual gold flake polishes like the 18K Real Gold Flake Zoya just launched. Don't get me wrong, it's really pretty, but it's just nail polish!

From left to right: Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Pearly White, L'Oreal in Gorgeous Gold, China Glaze in First Mate, American Apparel in Meteor Shower, and ORLY in Naked Ivory.

This manicure actually caught the eye of my boss who never notices my nails. It must have been all the sparkle!


  1. i'm not sure if i'd be of much help here...but i thought i'd share with you my cheap version of the flakies trend. i'm lucky to live near a dollar tree store; it's there that i found packages of small vials for nail art. they have various types....flakies, bar glitter, "caviar"-type micro beads...all for $1 a pack. maybe you can check it out if you have one near you.

    los angeles, ca

    1. I LOVE the dollar store, so I really don't need another excuse to go, but that is a great suggestion! Thank you!


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