Cookies! Cookies! Cookies!

The temperature has been dropping rapidly here in Chicago, with lows in the 40s already! Though the start of fall usually has me conflicted, it also means I should always have something baking, naturally. This week I resurrected one of the most delicious cookie recipes I've ever used: Fran├žois Payard’s Flourless Chocolate-Walnut Cookies. It's been years since I last made them and I don't know why!

The recipe calls for unsweetened Dutch-process cocoa powder, so I opt for Hersey's Special Dark. The darker, the better (and bittererer). It leads to the most awesome mud-like batter ever.

I was thrilled to finally break out my cookie scoop again, it's so cute and I love the perfect little mounds it creates!

These cookies are really easy to make. They're great for when you're feeling lazy but require dessert immediately, like me and Andrew most nights... They're even easier to eat with their shiny, crunchy shell and gooey brownie-like center. Letting them cool is actually the hardest part. Try them yourself!

P.S. Yes, there are three bikes surrounding my teeny tiny island (ikea shelf). They're almost always there, too.


  1. Girrrrrl, these look SO DELECTABLE. I'm a huge fan of dark chocolate and always require dessert, so I'll definitely be putting this one in my back pocket!


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