NOTW: June 5th Edition

After my last nail post I happened upon this gorgeous woman, Lianne La Havas, and her amazing outfit in W magazine. Of course now I love her and her music, and I was immediately inspired for my next manicure!

As usual, I had all of the polishes for this perfect color palette! From left to right: Wet n Wild in Black Crème, Essie in Waltz, Wet n Wild in Blazed, Sinful Colors in Summer Peach, and Wet n Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint and Silvivor.

The ombre nails took a couple of tries but I found that this method from The Beauty Department worked best. I used Waltz to I Need a Refresh-Mint to Blazed. So, now to the reason this post is so delayed... My dearest Andrew got into a pretty bad cycling accident and was hospitalized after losing consciousness the same day he took that photo up there!

The hospital stay was brief and after being monitored for 24 hours, they finally let him eat. It was probably the happiest he's ever been in a hospital. He's totally fine now, and cycling again, too. But it was very, very terrifying. I'm thankful it's over!


  1. oh my goodness!!! that is super scary, I'm so glad to hear that he and you are okay!I have never seen anyone so peppy in a hospital?? also super pretty nails, I wish I could have mine painted but ever since senior sculpting class I have been conditioned to cut my nails to little nubs atleast once a week. studio time and eccentric gardening don't help much either..gracias for sharing! please both of you be careful.

    1. Thanks sweetie <3 Sculpting class sounds so awesome, I'd keep my nails short if I had cool hobbies that required them that way too!

  2. So glad he's okay! That must have been frightening :\

    Nails are cute!

  3. Oh the outfit in the first post is beautiful! ...and the nails came out so nicely, I love the ombre' ones...think I might have to try that


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