NOTW: Take 2

Hooray for new nails! This week's manicure was inspired by my vast collection of fat quarters. Because they're just so easy to hoard and I haven't been putting them to good use, I figured why not?

One perk of being obsessive about nails and therefore nail polish, is almost always having the exact colors I need to replicate whatever my inspiration may be.

See? Perfect match! From left to right: Sinful Colors in Pull Over and Unicorn, L.A. Colors Color Craze in Palm Tree and Nuclear Energy.

My brush skills need some improvement (take a look at that right hand) but making the leaf shapes wasn't too terrible. I think I'll take a stab at ombre nails next week. We'll see!


  1. *loves*

    And yes, it is easy to hoard fat quarters (and other craft supplies). I just started this week. lol

    1. TELL ME ABOUT IT! Have you seen the photos of my craft room from a few months ago? I was mid-organizing and, well, it's a million times worse now... The shame!


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