Definatalie is Definitely Awesome

Yup. If you don't know who Natalie Perkins is, well, you're missing out. She's a fat activist, graphic designer, illustrator and all-around fancy lady who blogs over at Definatalie.com. Last month she held a giveaway featuring some of the fabulous items she sells in her shop Fancy Lady Industries. I immediately entered and guess what? I actually won! I never win things!

Fancy Item no.01: Gocco Postcard
Fancy Item no.02: No Diet Talk Brooch
Fancy Item no.03: Holographic Fat Necklace
Fancy Item no.04: Digital Illustration of Me & Muscles

I can't wait to print it out and find the prefect frame and hanging place for it. It's so great! I also never want to take my new necklace and brooch off, like ever. Vacation time away and the pressure of the holidays delayed this post a bit, but I wanted to show off my new fancy things. Thanks for sticking around, you guys. You're the best!


  1. Ahhh your (Andrew's?) photos of everything are so perfect!!!

  2. Thanks, Andrew is the best! And thanks for everything :)

  3. Replies
    1. Hah, thanks! I loved this mani and it lasted almost 2 weeks, too!


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