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"Why waste your life trying to conform to other people's standards of what is beautiful or acceptable? Once you can think beyond pleasing others, negative comments and attitudes are just laughable. All bodies are good bodies. It's important to remember that!"
Home Chicago, IL
No Limits My love of fashion was rekindled when I discovered body acceptance. I always loved playing dress up but it can be difficult when your options are limited by your size. Realizing that that wasn't my fault was a huge breakthrough! You only get this one body so it's best to love it and adorn it in ways that make you happy.
Everybody's Here I think it's challenging for anyone who doesn't fall in line with standard sizing to feel represented. Through my blog I aim to normalize bodies that look like mine because it can be very disheartening for young women to never see someone who looks like them, let alone someone whose goals are to just be happy.
Fearless Leader Josephine Baker was such a revolutionary woman and I adore how much fun she had with fashion. She's like the style icon! Totally unafraid to take risks.
Fashion Favorites One of the up and coming designers I can't help but rave about is Gisela Ramirez out of Australia. Her new line is amazing and really helps give a voice to fat women who are not afraid of their bodies. I also love literally everything that Christopher Kane is even remotely associated with. I think he's absolutely brilliant! And who doesn't love Betsey Johnson?
Design Dreams I am always creating! From crocheting, sewing, or planning my next project; generally trying to make something every day. I've made clothing for myself as well.
You can go reread it on teenvogue.com, but I just had to put it here because I never really discuss fat issues on this blog and I should start! They featured other fabulous fats too so go read it! GO! GO! GO!


  1. you are so fucking awesome. i wish i would have made an effort to seek you out and befriend you before i left chicago. you articulated yourself and beliefs so well. congrats on the feature, and representing fat ladies so well!

  2. this is amazing! congratulations

  3. yes! it was only a matter of time. :) to be honest, I've never made the distinction of you as a 'plus-size blogger', just an awesome lady who is crazy talented!

  4. Thanks so much ladies, I really appreciate your kind words. I'm still completely weirded out by the whole thing, but so happy to have been included :)

  5. how did I miss this post?! Congratulations on the feature! You are so talented and ambitious and beautiful and deserving of such features. I look forward to seeing more!

  6. Thanks Linda :) I'm really grateful for awesome people like you who support me and my humble little blog!

  7. i just found you via the teen vogue piece! and i am so super pleased that i have because i really like your blog and your style - you have this great combo of fashion-y and life bits on here... lovely...

  8. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy what I have to share :)


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