Thanks for nothing, Blogger! This should've been posted yesterday because it was Andrew's birthday!! I got him a Devil's Food Cake with Chocolate Buttercream Icing.

SO yummy (seriously).

It says Adam as a joke because people tend to misspell my name so often, he calls me Jennie-Lynn or Jimmy Larry and I call him Adam; we're nerds. I also made him a simple little lunch bag kit using some fabric from my stash that I've had for ages:

Andrew's birth wasn't the only thing that made yesterday pretty awesome, in fact ReadyMade Magazine did its part to spread some joy into my little world, too! I was contacted by Polly, a blogger for the magazine, with a request to feature my Anthro inspired necklace! What the what?! Her write-up was especially charming.

Pearl over at The Beading Gem was also kind enough to feature the necklace.

So much love, you guys; it's almost too much? No. Never! Blogger ate some of the lovely comments I received which is a bummer, but I'm obviously really happy so many people enjoyed my tutorial. If you make a necklace YOU MUST POST PHOTOS. It's required. Then you have to link me to them so I can cry happy tears from being so proud.


  1. oh that is friggin AWESOME! congratulations girl!!!

    and a very happy birthday to allen. adam. andrew.

    yo' man.

  2. congrats on the printed mentions! your ideas are golden so I'm glad you got some cool recognition for them. yay.

  3. I can't stop lolling at him calling you Jimmy Larry.

  4. Thanks, ladies! The features weren't printed but I still totally feel special :)

    @Frances: Jimmy Larry is a personal favorite of mine too lol. My least favorite being "Baby Lee" *gag*

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